Breasts change and tissue loss happens.


We can't change our genetics but we can change our bra.

The Problem: 


Breasts change and tissue loss happens. Pregnancy, nursing, hormonal changes, weight fluctuation, menopause, even natural aging and the decline of estrogen cause breast tissue volume loss. 

When this happens, the bra you are used to wearing no longer fits. And going down to a cup size that eliminates cup gaps, leaves your clothes not fitting quite right. Without other options, many women turn to surgery as a means to achieve the look they want. But surgery isn't right for everyone. 


It’s also incredibly common to have asymmetrical breasts. The differences can be very subtle or more pronounced. This can be frustrating too – having to choose between stuffing one side into a too small cup or leaving one side swimming in a cup that is way too big.


Our Solution:


Our bra's internal pocket holds our inserts securely. The internal pocket opening along the outside edge allows the insert to be easily placed and removed. No fighting, pulling or bulging. 


The gel-filled inserts come in two different sizes - Level 1 and Level 2. This gives everyone the option to customize their look based on the tissue loss they've experienced or the size difference they are looking to balance. 

If you are looking to replace significant tissue loss, consider the Level 2 insert. That will add more volume to your cup. Because of it's size and volume, the Level 1 insert fits best in B cup sizes. If you are looking at C or D cup sizes, either the Level 1 or Level 2 will work.