Share your Livi Lou Laine Love




I loved my Livi Lou Laine bra so much that I’ve bought 4 total. Super comfortable, fits just right, and gives me look options. I’d recommend you get one or more too!!

I also love that I can support a small, woman-owned business with this purchase!



You know that satisfying feeling when you rush home and take your bra off? You don't get that here because it's THAT good. Last night, I almost went to sleep with my LLL bra on because I forgot it was there. It's THAT comfortable. The size guide offered online is spot on. I'm 1 year postpartum and recently stopped nursing. It left me feeling deflated (figuratively & literally) and I've struggled with my new self-image. When my order arrived, it included a note saying "I hope you FEEL beautiful." I can't even begin to describe how much that meant to a new mama who hasn't felt beautiful for a long time. Thank you for making a product that was designed to fit my body, right where I'm at. Thank you for making me feel beautiful, and a little less deflated.

Leah C.


Every time I try a bra I fully expect to hate something about it. But this bra actually fit perfectly as soon as I tried it on. And it’s so comfortable that it feels almost as if I’m not wearing a bra at all! I’ve been wearing it for about 6 months now and I’m still just as happy with it as the day I got it. The level 1 inserts add back the fullness I lost from years of breastfeeding, but in a nice subtle, perky way. And to top it off, it’s a really pretty bra! I love it!



I’ve never liked a bra enough to buy more than one. Just bought my second one of these because I love them so much.



I wear this bra ALL the time! It’s basically the comfort of a sports bra combined with the support of an underwire bra. It’s easy, cute, and fits perfectly! My new favorite undergarment by far!! Plus, I love the story behind it and the message of feeling comfortable in your own body. Can’t say enough great things about this product!

Brenda M


I love my Livi Lou Laine bra. Being made from a lightweight material makes it so comfortable in the heat of the summer. Highly recommended.



Best bra ever!! Beyond comfortable and looks great! It fit perfect. Would absolutely recommend.



I could NOT be more impressed. This brand is everything I’ve been looking for, and I’m so picky! I can’t wait for more styles and colors!



I’ve never had kids, but I had been on birth control for 10+ years. After recently coming off of birth control, my body went crazy and my chest shrunk. These cups are perfect for when I’m looking for a little more. And after coming home from a long day of work, I don’t even realize that I’m wearing it, it’s so comfy! hands down the best bra I’ve ever owned!



Absolutely love it! I had not bought a new bra in a while and was dreading the process. The size chart is spot on and made everything a lot easier. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for a new bra!

Amy Noiboonsook


I have never purchased a bra online. I always try it on and make sure they fit properly. I am pleased with my bra and love the fit! I highly recommend it to any of my family and friends!



I'm a "senior citizen" and don't necessarily fit the criteria of loss of tissue, but I was looking for something new and I love my Livi Lou Laine bra. I do not use the inserts and I definitely recommend.