Choose the size you

want to be.


No cup gaps.

Comfortable and confident.

Life Happens: Choose your size and get Back To You

You like your size but still want to try it

The insert is optional! We have received great feedback and this bra is comfortable with or without the insert. Order your normal size and don’t order an insert. 

Cup gaps drive you crazy 

You have always worn a 34B but your body has changed and you can no longer fill out a 34B like you used to. There are gaps but you’ve been wearing that size anyway. We recommend ordering your normal 34B size with a Level 1 insert. The insert will help supplement your tissue loss and you’ll fill out your bra like you used to. 

You don't love your current size

You are currently wearing a 34B but you don’t love the way you feel in your clothes, you are most comfortable in a C cup. We recommend ordering a 34C with a Level 1 insert. The bra with insert will help fill out your bra and your clothes. The Level 2 insert could also work for C and D cup sizes as well. It just depends on how much tissue loss you have experienced and how much you’re looking to fill up. 

You want to balance

my look

Your breasts are asymmetrical and you want to balance your look, buy the size that fits your larger breast. Depending on the difference between each side, order a Level 1 or Level 2 insert and place one insert in the side with the smaller breast.