Size Guide

It's not necessarily the size you are,
but the size you want to be.

Finding your size: 


Follow these steps to determine the right size. But don't stress! Free shipping and free returns let you try a bra and insert set without worry or wasted expense.  


  • To find your band size: Without a bra on or while wearing a non-padded bra, use a soft measuring tape to wrap around your torso where a bra band would sit, directly under your bust. The tape should be level and snug. Round up to or down the nearest whole number. 

  • To find your cup size: Wrap the measuring tape across the fullest part of your chest, making sure it fits snugly and remains level across your back. Round up to the nearest whole number. 

Subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement to find your current cup size. 

Choosing your Livi Lou Laine bra:


The band measurement you just took is the size you should order. Just choose the color in your band size.

Remember, ours bras our different. Your band size will not change, but you can choose the cup size you want to be.  

Choosing your insert:

The Level 1 insert is usually sufficient for women who want to move up one cup size. If you want a little more than one cup size, we suggest trying the Level 2 insert. (Note: If you are choosing a B cup, the Level 1 insert will provide the s. If you are buying a C or D cup bra, the Level 1 and Level 2 insert fit great.)


The insert should be worn with the thicker side at the bottom.   

Example: Your band measurement is a 34" and your bust measurement was 36". Your true size is a 34B but you are more comfortable in a C cup. You would order a 34C and a Level 1 insert. 

If you have sizing questions, please reach out! We'd be happy to help you find the best fit. Email us at

Cup measurement


Band measurement

Cup size


Sister Sizing:

Sister sizing is another way to find a great fitting bra. As the cup size goes up, the band’s width comes down to maintain the proper ratio of how much breast tissue the cup will hold. Same goes with the band size. As the band size goes up, the cup volume decreases to maintain the ratio. Using sister sizing, a 34C fits similar to a 32D and 36B. 


It’s not an exact science but if the original size you are looking for is out of stock or you ordered one that doesn’t fit quite right, consider trying one of your sister sizes. There will only be slight changes to the fit.